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EQ For Real, Now What?
8/5/15 10:25 AM
Back on July 22nd I posted about how I thought I was in EQ, but it turned out I was in A&P and it soon went into dissolution.

Now, I'm certain that I'm in EQ (and have been for the past 3-5 days). I passed through some anxious territory, and one day decided to forego noting and practice anapanasati — in order to give my mind nourishment. Since then, I've been very calm, content, and enthusiastic. Indeed the two characteristics that stand out is spontaneous goodwill and renunciation. Being kind and gentle on myself and helpful to others, humans and animals and insects, suddenly strikes me as the most important thing to do. At the same time, if something isn't worth it, I have no qualms putting it aside — such as /r/buddhism posts, morality trips, trying to figure things out all the time "Am I in this state or that state?" or "Am I close or far from the goal?" or really any questions of the sort.

The one area that needs work is concentration, although it's improving. I still note off the cushion, tasting, flow, tension, vibration, pleasant, happy, etc., but I haven't been able to tap into the second jhanas and beyond.

I have no qualms with cultivating an equanimous mind in this state, making this contentment more familiar and part-and-parcel with my personality, but I'm still ignorant and unenlightened. I'm a little concerned that I'm failing to take something into consideration while I practice, and that's prevented/is preventing the stream entry event.

RE: EQ For Real, Now What?
8/5/15 4:12 PM as a reply to John.
Great! Congrats!

Now the important point is to keep practicing! With everything suddenly seeming so easy, and especially is overcoming suffering was a major reason for you to meditate, it can suddenly seem no longer necessary to practice. This is the trap of Equanimity.

So keep practicing, and as Goenka likes to say, you are "bound to be succesful, bound to be succesful" emoticon

Also read this description from Kenneth Folk's upcoming book on the equanimity nana, it contains a lot of good advice:

And good luck! 

RE: EQ For Real, Now What?
8/5/15 12:05 PM as a reply to John.
Also, if you listen to Daniel's video on his progress of insight mindmap (, you can hear him mention an Equanimity mini-dark night. So perhaps that could also be what you went through? Hit low equanimity, then the EQ mini-DN, and now in Hi EQ? 

In any case it doesn't really matter: just keep practicing!

RE: EQ For Real, Now What?
8/5/15 4:00 PM as a reply to Oochdd.
For everyone else, the link is

I personally think it's Low Equanimity with some slippery mind taking place. If it were high equanimity, then I would be able to sit for hours at a stretch. Right now I can do about 30 before I get distracted. But that said, this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.