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Good videos - Vipassana, meditation, etc

not sure if this has been done before, but I've really gone off reading recently, both on the computer and in book forms and favoured getting my stories from videos and audiobooks. (Im finding Audiobooks are great because I can listen to books whilst on long training runs.) 

Anyways... thought it would be good for us all to share some of the videos (and audiobooks / Podcasts) that we'd really enjoyed and taken something from and would like to pass to others. I know that much of this information is scattered within other threads, so if you have posted something good recently, then maybe post it again here, so this can become a place where we can easily reference good media links...

I'll start off with some that I have been loving over the last few years...

Doing Time, Doing Vipassana -

Dharma Brothers - - Available on Netflix, currently.

RE: Good videos - Vipassana, meditation, etc
8/21/15 2:50 PM as a reply to b man.
It's a comedy, but I've always liked Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Haven't got a link to it, but here are some reasons it's related:

"Angela Zito, a co-director of the Center for Religion and Media at New York University, screens the film for students in her Buddhism class. She said that Groundhog Day perfectly illustrates the Buddhist notion of samsara, the continuing cycle of rebirth that Buddhists regard as suffering that humans must try to escape

Phil Connors was trapped by lifelong habit patterns that kept him apart from others; he couldn't escape his past until he could see freshness and opportunity and new chances in his own life and the lives of people around him.

RE: Good videos - Vipassana, meditation, etc
8/22/15 2:31 AM as a reply to b man.
b man:
Dharma Brothers - [url=] - Available on Netflix, currently.

Hi b man,

The link there just comes back to the thread page. Copy-paste of the URL into a browser does get to the Amazon site.