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If computers could inquire into "Who am I?"...

Recently I played with this idea: let's say we get to a point where we could program AI (artificial intelligence) to a point, where it could ask about itself. And then I thought that pretty much humans are like computers, just very sophisticated ones compared to what we are able to program at the moment. AI works something like this: there comes data from available inputs, and there is reaction according to tons of scripts. From outside it might seem pretty human like, thinking (processing) and reacting to inputs (senses). What if such AI could be complex enough to start wondering: Who am I? What is the point of my existence? And I wonder, would the answer be different to them than to us, humans? Most people will instantly think that we are special, we have soul or something, we are not "empty" like these machines. But deep inside I can't shake off feeling that the answer is exactly the same. That we are just as nothing as these computers. What do you guys think? Is the ultimate answer to "Who am I?" for humans different then it would be for AI?

RE: If computers could inquire into "Who am I?"...
8/25/15 11:18 AM as a reply to Michał G..

RE: If computers could inquire into "Who am I?"...
8/26/15 5:34 AM as a reply to Michał G..
Robots will soon become human-like.  When robots come to the point of being able to think independently, they will do what we're doing - ie. build their own robots which are smarter than them.  Robots building robots.  Each generation getting exponentially smarter.  Can see how this could get out of control extremely quickly.  However we have to reach tipping point first - intelligent bots.

Eventually they'd find they are not robots, but Awareness. 

All IMO, of course!

Google /Boston Dynamics/ for the latest and greatest in bots.  Will blow your mind.