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A profile of Erowid
11/23/15 10:18 AM
New Yorker magazine this week features an article on the Web site Erowid ("The Trip Planners", issue Nov 23, 2015, pp. 58-63).

It focuses on the couple (anonymously as "Earth" and "Fire") who created and maintain it, but includes a lot of interesting history, and outlines how that resource balances between serving (being of utility to) the user, law-enforcement, and health-care communities.

This may interest some here, as I've seen Erowid is well-known in the occasional related discussions on DhO.

RE: A profile of Erowid
11/24/15 5:16 AM as a reply to CJMacie.
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the fun link. 

I've used Erowid over the years when investigating different substances and found their adult, use-at-your-own-risk informational style really helpful.  The experiences forum is really a "peer review lite" morass of positive and negative takes which can range from hilarious to sobering to informational.  I am of the opinion that it is a great public service and fills the gap between "just say no" and "try this man".


RE: A profile of Erowid
11/28/15 11:04 PM as a reply to CJMacie.
Seems like that site has been around forever!  The did a good job naming it, even if it's been eons, I always remember it when it comes up on google.  Ironically just last week I was looking up something on nutmeg and there was an Erowid section on it.  Turns out that stuff is psychoactive if you consume a lot, LOL!  I like their tone on Erowid, they give you the info and leave it up to you to decide, they don't try to push anyone in any particular direction.  The goal is absence of spin so you feel like you can trust them to say the truth as best they can.  There are very few sites that aren't trying to spin things in a certain direction, either consciously or unconsciously.