Best energy practice to supplement concentration practice

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Best energy practice to supplement concentration practice

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Hey guys. I do concentration meditation on a regular basis. Recently I began experiencing build up of pressure in my forehead which I understand is just built up of energy in that spot/chakra and is a common accurance. I also became more aware of those energies flowing. I am trying to find a energy practice I could start doing so I can properly deal with all that energy, make sure its balanced, flowing nicely and all that good stuff and I need some advice. Preferably something not too long.  I heard sun salutations are good and also seems like the 5 tibetan rites will work for this kind of thing. I have no idea if I should get into kundalini, some sort of yoga, Chi
energy, Taoism etc etc. There is a lot of schools of thought on the
subject and Im not sure which one to go with.

Thx for your help!
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RE: Best energy practice to supplement concentration practice

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howdy J N,
i used to use the yoga excercises at  they are simple and effective and not overly aggressive.

teague posted here a couple of years ago about simply spreading out or widening his attention to the periphery of experience when these "energetic" phenomena come up.  this also parallels vimilaramsi's emphasis on the satipatthana instruction of "calming the bodily formations" when meditating.

these "heady" pressures and energetic phenomena are, IMO a good sign of progress but should be not taken  as something to fixate upon in either direction, pleasant or unpleasant, but acknowleged (noted perhaps) and seen with equanimity.  the widening of attention helped me to do this.

imo, yoga is always good.  it can help awaken "kundalini" or to balance it out by encouraging an overall (wider) physical / mental focus since the entire organism is in play.  the aypsite excercises follow the breath in a path around the body which has the same effect of taking a tight focus on an area and moving the focus to the entire somatic process of the breath.
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RE: Best energy practice to supplement concentration practice

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Some suggestions that are probably harmless:

-Pratice holding your attention a couple inches below your navel, and along the midline of the body, towards the spine.  This will open the third chakra, if you formulate like that.  Theoretically, excess energy will be processed in this center to ensure proper grounding.

-Practice holding horse stance for a portion of time each day.  Its a qi gong practice for grounding that I'll let you look up.

The way I figure, more grounding=more automatic mental quiet=better appied & sustained attention... and suddenly your off into jhana.