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Martin's Practice Log

Martin's Practice Log
4/29/16 3:52 PM
I feel a little nervous posting on this forum, everyone feels so advanced and knowledgable.  But anyway, I've been on-off meditating for 10 years or so, mainly not meditating to be honest, so I haven't really 'got' anywhere, I'd say I'm perhaps one step ahead of an absolute beginner. 

I've arrived at a stage in my life where I want to get serious about my practice, I want to commit to the Buddha dharma.  

I purcahsed a copy of the Culadasa book and am reading it now.  I aim to start my new, serious, committed practice on the 1st of May and post how I get along here.

Hey ho, let's go!

RE: Martin's Practice Log
4/29/16 9:59 PM as a reply to Martin Black.
Hi Martin!  Welcome.  I look forward to hearing about your journey emoticon

RE: Martin's Practice Log
5/1/16 4:32 PM as a reply to Noah.
Hi Noah, thanks for the welcome, I've been enjoying your posts and intend to start using the 'gladdening' method you've talked about.

RE: Martin's Practice Log
5/1/16 4:43 PM as a reply to Martin Black.
Morning sit, 30 minutes watching the breath. Tried Culadasa's 'Preperation for Meditation' list.  During the sit, when I felt restless I remembered my motivation for sitting and that gave me renewed strength to continue.  Why on earth haven't I done this before? It really helped.  Felt very calm and mindful after the sit.

Morning walking meditation (with the dog), 20 mins. Again from Culadasa, his 'Walking Meditation' method.  Focused on the feel of my feet on the ground, noted dog pulling on the lead, noted dog stopping for a sniff, noted dog greeting other dogs, noted dog crapping.  All good.  

Walking meditation is perfect for me as I do A LOT of walking.

My goals for this month are:

1. Sit every day
2. Have at least one sit of 45 minutes
3. Have one sit of 60 mnutes. I've not ever sat this long before, it feels a little daunting but it needs to be done...
4. Get to know stages 1 and 2 of Culdasas book inside out so I know what I'm doing and can follow the map
5. Practice in daily life