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Whole body strobing/flashing
1/23/17 11:19 AM
the best way i can explain what has been happening is a feeling as if my whole body is a "strobe light" and then suddenly it seems as if I am "made of space." Imagine seeing a smiling face and then suddenly the face disappears or becomes invisible -- the essence of the smile can still be experienced/felt -- even more vividly -- but there's no face there. there. 

This happens during kapalabhati breathing (pranayama) and more intensely while i was visiting a romantic partner in another U.S. state (without pranayama) 

i read that in Zen this strobing is between dual/non-dual states. 
The full quote from Dongshan's "Song of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi" is "When the wooden man begins to sing, the stone woman gets up to dance." It can also be understood as the inconceivable interpenetration of all things, all dualistic appearances manifesting from nondual awareness.

RE: Whole body strobing/flashing
1/23/17 3:33 PM as a reply to Mirona M Constantinescu.
Hello Mirona, welcome!

What you experienced has different names in different traditions. On this forum we usually call it "Knowledge of the Arising and Passing Away", A&P for short.

This book explains in detail what it is from the point of view of the meditation techniques of Theravada Buddhism.

RE: Whole body strobing/flashing
1/23/17 5:58 PM as a reply to Mirona M Constantinescu.
Hi, Mirona,

Anything that involves seeing lights may be one of the ten imperfections of insight (vipassana upakkilesa).

The basic list of these is given in Buddhaghosa's Visuddhimagga, chapter XX, paragraph 105:

"Now, when he is a beginner of insight with this tender insight, ten imperfections of insight arise in him. For imperfections of insight do not arise either in a noble disciple who has reached penetration [of the truths] or in persons in a clansman who keeps to the right course, devotes himself continuously [to his meditation subject] and is a beginner of insight. But what are these ten imperfections? They are: (1) illumination, (2) knowledge, (3) rapturous happiness, (4) tranquillity, (5) bliss (pleasure), (6) resolution, (7) exertion, (8) assurance, (9) equanimity, and (10) attachment."

Succeeding paragraphs give a bit more detail on what is meant by "illumination."

Also, if you Google for "imperfections of insight" or "vipassana upakkilesa," you'll find various descriptions by modern masters.

Better still, find a meditation master to ask in person.

RE: Whole body strobing/flashing
1/24/17 7:57 AM as a reply to Mirona M Constantinescu.
effects are not there for fun or to tell you a story for fun. You do your things, hard work practice etc, you get an effect and then just look at it like a firework in a sky. Or?