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New York Insight Meditation Center

New York Insight Meditation Center
6/24/10 3:15 PM
They have a small place on the 10th floor of a building in midtown manhattan. Events are usually 1 day or less and come in a variety of topics/forms.

This weekend there will be a 2 day retreat on attaining jhanas/dependent origination. You'll probably need to find your own housing if you choose both days, since they don't have sleeping arrangements to my knowledge. It's being led by Leigh Brasington from the IMS Forest Refuge in Barre, Ma.

here is their event calendar for general reference. Some teachers are pretty talky others not. If you want a day of silent meditation, I suggest Sandra Weinberg. She gives little bits of dharma, but generally sticks to straight up sitting and walking.


RE: New York Insight Meditation Center
6/25/10 4:15 PM as a reply to Jeremy P.
They do have some very good programs there. I'm going to Leigh Brasington's Saturday session on jhana this weekend.

RE: New York Insight Meditation Center
10/31/10 7:03 PM as a reply to Eric B.
I was just there today for a one-day retreat from 930am to 530pm, titled "Lighting up our Practice in Daily Life, Individually and in Community." The strange summary is: I didn't like it while I was there, I still probably didn't like it, but I'm glad I went.

It was probably a good event, but it wasn't what I was looking for. I basically wanted a way to force myself to meditate for 8 hours, but the event was not focused on that. If anything my dislike is more telling of my state of mind than the quality of the center =P.

I was gonna write up a review, but I'm not sure if anyone would read it. If anyone wants more info just leave a message and I'll post it here.