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HiSpeed Gyroscope in brain..
3/8/17 12:45 PM
I'm sure there will be questions, but I'll give as suscint context as I can.  Please excuse my grammar and puncuation or lack of.

Basically I laying down on my bed, lights on, around day time, and decided to try and put my self into a relaxed state-something I almost never do to this degree, wishing I'd do more.

Well I tend to have trouble in the very begining with my breathe and then having a lot of energy/intention getting flustered trying to "Breathe enough", So I told myself to just forget about oxygen, that I would be ok. This quickly led to very slow breathes happening on their own, and me getting to just put my body into a very relaxed state.

I could feel my hands and feet grow warm with what I felt was fresh oxygenated blood, parts of my body that are typically cold (I have long limbs). I interpreted this warmth as having the potential to heal or facilitate healing in areas of attention in my body, so I tried to focus on something tangible like my eyes and my vision.  I moved my attention up to my face and I could feel the assemetry in the depth and rotation of my eyes, in their individual sockets, it felt like I was touching parts of my eye I had never felt, leading to the imagined clustered of nerves in their extremity that lead to the brain stem, as I had imagined it anyway.  Well the moment I went following back there, I felt and identified a small golf ball sizes thing in the center of my brain, which for me was HUGE considering I never felt anything there before, and once it's shape was identified it felt as if it were a spinning ball of energy, like a gyroscope, and it if I could recreate some comic book style sound description it was like a intensely high speed spinning of that like a gyroscope.  It seemed to have a lot of energy, and ordinarly this would scare the crap out of be and shoot my adreniline up, but my body was still in this deep state of relaxation, so I was able to keenly observe it, much to my surprise.

The indentification of this "ball", or its location, and the energy felt by its spinning upon itself, all lasted about maybe half a second (which to me felt much longer given the context of its uniqunesses).  then it stopped, and again, while watching the space, it spun and with the same intensity, I swere I could almost make a sound for it, it was so tangible! The second time was for hald as long, so maybe a quarter of a second.

And...thats it.

I was very "excitied" and scared, I basically assumed brain cancer or I had put my attention somewhere I shouldnt have, somewhere potentially dangerous for my own health.  That fear coming from my reading of QiGong thoery, and how amatuers can "Mess themselves up", if they dont know what they're doing.  And I sure didnt know what I was doing.

Always been a skeptic to a fault, and again, that's been changing recently, finding myself here making this post is an example of that.  I'm curious what's going to happen next.  


RE: HiSpeed Gyroscope in brain..
3/9/17 3:54 AM as a reply to Yuri.
I would guess this is an A & P experience, given your excitability and tendency to make grand narratives around it (of course it must have been "brain cancer" lol emoticon a mere headache would simply not do! emoticon ).

Spinning ball of energy in middle of brain = Ajna chakra (not brain cancer emoticon ). This is definitely progress if you weren't aware of the chakra before.

You could try to find the remaining chakras in the same way. You could also notice how that spinning is actually incredibly noisy and unpleasant (probably hard to see just yet). In any case, the normal thing to do in A & P is to "go deeper" into the experience (whatever experience that may be).

This can get very intense. So please understand it is your own responsibility and your job to prepare for this as best you can. It may still happen regardless of what you choose to do.

To keep relatively sane in such high-intensity modes, it can help to write down, on a piece of paper, the promise to not ever believe any narrative that you will surely spin during this period. "God this", "Buddha that", "Universe whatever", "Enlightement something", "It must be cancer", etc. You don't have to "fight" the narratives, its enough to maintain, in your mind, a small seed of skeptibility, e.g. "this grand conclusion that I just made feels very true right now, but it will still need further testing and plenty of additional evidence". Not doing so has turned many people into zealots, including myself a couple of times.

Also, focusing on the root chakra (muladhara or however that's spelled) really helps (me) to ground all the extra excitement.

Long cardio exercise until physically tired is also very soothing and grounding.

Eventually the A&P dies down (this is preceeded by a weird moment you may learn to recognize after it happens several times), which leads to Dark Night teritory. If you haven't read Daniel Ingram's "Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha", especially the chapter called "The progress of insight", then do it as soon as possible, as it really helps circumscribing and contextualizing all the craziness.

Best of luck emoticon

RE: HiSpeed Gyroscope in brain..
3/10/17 10:13 AM as a reply to Yuri.

I was very "excitied" and scared, I basically assumed brain cancer or I had put my attention somewhere I shouldnt have, somewhere potentially dangerous for my own health.  That fear coming from my reading of QiGong thoery, and how amatuers can "Mess themselves up", if they dont know what they're doing.  And I sure didnt know what I was doing.

Hey, Yuri! Welcome to the dho emoticon

What happened to you is pretty common. It is normal to be excited, and it is normal to be scared too, but try not to be. Better yet: Try not to elaborate mentally on the reaction of fear and excitement. So try to avoid telling yourself long stories that you could hurt yourself: It's probably gonna be alright. Worrying about the risks of practice is not at all a guarantee that those risks will not come true, after all emoticon

So my suggestion is: When this happens again, let the thing unfold. Accept that there will be fear or worry: let it come, let it stay, let it go. Just see what happens. Any unpleasant side effects will wear off eventually. Check back here for advice if you need to emoticon

I also strongly suggest you to read some good practical dharma books in the meantime. Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha (Daniel Ingram, free to download), The Mind Illuminated (Culadasa), anything by Shinzen Young --- these are all great books to have a look at, if you still haven't. They will help you stop thinking "I don't know what it is", and start thinking "I know so many states and maps, which of those is it", which is a better thing to be thinking about when you can't avoid thinking and commenting about your practice while you are practicing emoticon

Have fun and keep us posted on your progress emoticon