2-weeks satipatthana in Slovakia (Thai teachers)

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2-weeks satipatthana in Slovakia (Thai teachers)

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Hi everybody,

I am organizing a 2-week satipatthana retreat in Slovakia, intended for international audience, i.e. whoever can reach Vienna/Bratislava/Budapest airports. (We have the intent of setting up a more permanent center in that area, this is the start.)

This course will be taught by experienced Thai teachers (Thanat Chindaporn, the head teacher of the center in Chom Tong, Thailand) in Ajahn Tong (Mahasi-like) tradition plus local teachers, myself included. There are posts about this style of vipassana on this site, if you are curious; look for Chomtong or Dhammacari.

Suitable for beginners and experienced alike. Capacity 25 meditators, individual approach, possible to attend for a shorter time (min. 3 days). Cost 330€ for accomodation (sponsored price possible upon request), teaching on donation basis. Languages available (teachers or translators): English, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, French, German, Russian. For details see https://vipassana.sk/en/2017-javorie/ or if you are facebooky, https://www.facebook.com/events/1266315670124921 .

Hope to see some of you there emoticon

Cheers! Vaclav