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The development of power

The development of power
7/13/17 2:28 AM
Hi all,

I want to strengthen my healing ability through the development of spiritual power.

I have come up with a few guides and would appreciate some feedback and suggestions please. 

1. General morality guidelines (are Buddhist ones the best?  Any good references?)
2. The ability to stand criticism/rejection/pressure/humiliation without harbouring hurt or anger, and without suppression of same.
3.  Concentration - I'm not very good but is it even necessary?
4.  Anything else?

Thanks for the help.

RE: The development of power
7/13/17 11:50 AM as a reply to LoveQuest.
1) Buddhist morality is a deep study in daily life. It is related to ethics in many fields. Intensive investigation of the 5 precepts in daily life is a good place to start. I don't think you can go wrong with Buddhist ones. As far as I can tell they mainly revolve around sharpening your ability to pay attention to what is happening, developing non-harm, and doing good deeds.

2) Check out the Brahma Viharas. Check out noting practices, and when shame/humiliation/criticism arise, note them and all their components.

3) Yes it is necessary! Check out Culadasa's book "The Mind Illuminated"

4) Remember main goal of dharma is to find a happiness that's independent of your health (health is still important, but the aim should be higher).

RE: The development of power
7/13/17 5:47 PM as a reply to LoveQuest.

RE: The development of power
7/13/17 10:27 PM as a reply to Noah D.
Andrew, Noah, these look like quality replies.  Thanks so much.


ok I was a bit worried about this.  The overwhelm due to so many steps.  Even just one step might take years to master, so what I need to do is filter out the absolutely necessary from the rest.  If someone could help, that would be great.

RE: The development of power
7/14/17 8:15 AM as a reply to LoveQuest.
No probem!
I guess the first question is, does any of this information stand out to you as more appealing/interesting than the rest? Give you a sense of opening, curiosity, motivation to go in a particular direction? If so, you could just follow that particular trail and ignore the rest for the time being.

Otherwise, it might be helpful to explore a bit deeper what is it you are actually interested in doing? What do you mean by healing, and by spiritual power? What are you looking for, interested in, more specifically?

RE: The development of power
7/15/17 4:37 AM as a reply to Andrew K.
Hi Andrew,

I read through most of the material form the responses and I went with the first option.  I came up with a list of things that seemed more pertinent for me at the moment. 

- Cut out negativity in speech, thought and written word.
- kindness towards my self. 
- breathe through 3rd eye to power the imagination/intent.
- relaxed effort
- understanding what believing really means (few different refs for that)
- be playful and light

The idea is to practice something similar to reki to heal health issues.  My 3rd eye region is already highly powered, but my lower chakras are deficient.  So, I realize power isn't actually what's needed.  Makes me think I should add in some body awareness exercises to draw the energy downwards.  I'm very top heavy, if you know what I mean?