Practices for digestion?

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Practices for digestion?

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Hello all,

I would like to query the DhO crowdmind on the topic of meditation / energetic practices that improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Throughout my readings I have seen various references to improvements in digestive function after certain practices. E.g. I remember reading that opening the microcosmic orbit would result in improved digestion. I also read that focusing on the solar plexus chakra would improve digestion. And so on.

I would like to ask if anyone has any experience with practice in this direction, either by direct experience, or by hearing someone else report their own direct experience (3 jumps to direct experience I would find less interesting).

I would like to have as many details as you can provide: what practices, for how long, what effects, and so on.

Thank you,
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RE: Practices for digestion?

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My diet was mostly vegetarian when i started meditating but still pretty unhealthy with lots of dairy. I have since made the following changes:
2.5 years ago - went fully vegan
2 years ago - added daily fresh fruit/vegetable juice
4 month ago - cut out refined sugars and oils
1 month ago - cut out refined grains like white rice and bread
Sometime soon - drastic reduction in salt

I know diet and digestion are different but you can probably experiment like did if you have a mindfulness practice based mostly in body sensation.

So before and after a dietary change, I would form a hypothesis and watch the body and see what happens.

I do this on a lot of smaller changes as well. For example, I was able to see that adding more than a tablespoon of turmeric twice a day caused digestive issues but a teaspoon 3x a day makes me feel better. To a point where it actually registered. I don't think someone who doesn't sit would have faculty to see this though.

Another example, I can feel the effect of a high sodium meal in my body. I can feel that it causes harm to me. This is a morality practice. I can't quite give it up yet. I make sure that I am mindful of what I am doing and soon I will change.

So I don't know of any practices that directly effect digestion but you could make a physical change and measure the effects with your awareness better than any lab test. Pop your ailment into the search box at and form a hypothesis then watch.

I will add one caveat. We have microbes in the gut that aide in digestion and are optimized for the current diet. If changes are made, it may take a few days to even a week or two for the gut microflora to change with the diet. In the transition period, there could be other symptoms that flare up in the short term like gas. Ha
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RE: Practices for digestion?

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I've noticed that almost every time I start to experience "energetic events/movement" while doing my noting practice I let out a small burp.

Not sure if my digestion if being improved, screwed up, or if it's all been a complete coincidence but I swear that every single time it's one burp, and only when I begin to feel piti or energy moving around my body quickly.  I know this isn't really helpful towards your question but I thought I'd add that data point to the discussion.
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RE: Practices for digestion?

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Hello Bruno,

You mentioned the orbit practices. With saliva swallowing and concentrating ~ resting your awareness on your entire abdomen area or just under your diaphragm you can hear the 'borborygmi' sound. That is when a 'biomechanical' wave begins. By the way basic but I think authentic nei gong instructions can be found in Robert James Coons' book and internet posts.
On the effect of alternating abdominal pressure are based several 'gong' or method eg.
Hu Pu (Bu) Gong = tiger stepping = high knee rises, my favorite, simple but effective; 
Jiao Hua Gong (beggars' gong) - this one is a complete system in itself, what I know about it basically is squatting combined with deep breathing and concentration;
Deep 'yogic' breathing and anything that involves the considerable movement of the abdominal wall and the diaphragm - oversimplified but true in essence
In the 'energetic' methods the common principle is that the blood (and one kind or another of qi/chi/whatever) flows where you place your awareness/ soft concentration. If you are eating, digesting and defecating with mindfulness, you will create an 'energetic' practice.
As for serious conditions, if I had prolonged constipation, malnutrition, malabsorption, I would consult with a specialist and a registered dietitian. 

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RE: Practices for digestion?

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I have now for almost two months been doing the practice of focusing inside the belly, for about an hour at a time, around 4 times a week.

At this point a practice session goes around like this. When I start doing it my insides immediately start relaxing. After about 10-20 minutes I start having lots of gurgling and release inside, both around the stomach and the intestines. This can sometimes become very pleasant. After about 30-40 minutes I start clearly seeing the attention-wave / feeling of being / out-of-syncness / whatever, and trying to bring it to rest.

The most obvious outcome of this practice is that my digestive issues have improved a lot. In fact they seemed entirely solved for a few weeks, so I slacked off on the practice, and then they returned. Having been stricter for a week now I am almost recovered once again.

Another effect is that I am starting to go into deeper PCE-like territorry. I find it surprising how well the two practices match. It currently feels like the attention wave is generated most strongly in the guts, and so working with that region makes stuff move forward.

Thought I would report this in case anyone was interested in this stuff.
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RE: Practices for digestion?

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Hi Bruno - Concentration practices have had major impacts on my digestion. For around 3 months or so I had similar experiences to those you describe with the gurgling at the belly as I meditated. There were visable negative effects on my digestion which I shall spare you the details of. I also experienced tightness in the stomach and ocassionally some pain. Things mostly cleared up as concentration improved.

I too focussed on the inside of the belly. At first it just increased the gurgling but after a while it started to produce heat which I can now produce all over the body. By focussing on the area intently I have on a few occasions merged with the area. Seemingly relocating consiousness there and sometimes having an imagined viewpoint from that area. Apparently these are normal results from practicing the tibetan inner fire meditation. I wish I knew more about energy practices as I really can't decide whether to keep on doing it or to go with a more conventional meditation routine.

Anyway, really interesting to hear from someone else discovering these things. Energy practices can certainly be very interesting.