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Thank you Daniel Ingram

Thank you Daniel Ingram
11/7/17 12:34 AM
Just wanted to Thank you Daniel for MCTB which gave me a new opening to my practice 
and to know exactly on the map one is.  I have been searching for a person that I could ask questions 
on the path, Daniel has been kind, direct and always responsive with the required action to progression. 
A humble gratefulness to Daniel... thank you for the guidance, service you are doing/have done
to close the mushroom culture and to open the true dhamma to seekers. 
I also take this opportunity to thank admins on this Dharmaoverground for doing a fantastic job 
helping people like us. Keep up the good work... !
With metta

RE: Thank you Daniel Ingram
11/9/17 9:44 PM as a reply to ANNA AIYAR.
Agreed - go team!

RE: Thank you Daniel Ingram
11/10/17 7:46 AM as a reply to Noah D.
I Second that!

copypasteing a relevant quote from my stream-entry post:

At that point in my life I felt like being lost in a dark forest and then coming across very kind, warm and fuzzy teachers like Dalai Lama and Thitch nhat Hahn speaking about the good stuff, compassion etc, feeling nice and glowy for a while but then realizing I’m still lost. And then comes this Dan Ingram, a neurotic attack-on-the-senses kind of guy and actually shows me the map and the way out of the forest, complete with a lamp and a small survival kit! Whoah. Thank you would be a huge understatement for saving anyone from a dark night territory like that.

If it wasnt for MCTB i would probably still be wallowing in a nasty Dark Night, going to goenka retreats and doing self-inquiry, still being profoundly stuck. It literaly saved me, and for that Thank you Daniel!

RE: Thank you Daniel Ingram
11/10/17 9:18 AM as a reply to ANNA AIYAR.