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Great Contemporary Yoginis

Great Contemporary Yoginis
11/23/17 3:05 PM
I wanted to share this great thread from DharmaWheel on contemporary yoginis.  


It lead me to this documentary on Khandroma Kunzang Wangmo, who is one of the few female Tibetan Buddhist lineage holders. 


In the docu, you see her running an orphanage, a farm, a Buddhist college & a living community all in one.  She is providing teachings on the nature of mind, which in pragmatic dharma is known as "4th path."  

To understand the pragmatic component to a video like this, the significance of teaching a certain topic within Tibetan Buddhism needs to be recognized.  If you are teaching it, it is code for having mastered it (since samaya prevents them from admitting this openly).  In this case, she is known to be a skilled Dzogchen practitioner amongst the heavyweights in that arena, which is the territory of complete perceptual awakening.  

Past that, I would argue that it takes a special degree of integration/morality to be operating in such harsh conditions while maintaining this state.


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RE: Great Contemporary Yoginis
11/26/17 7:44 PM as a reply to Noah D.
Thanks for sharing that doc Noah, I enjoyed it very much

RE: Great Contemporary Yoginis
11/27/17 7:18 AM as a reply to Noah D.
Thanks for this Noah, I found it very interesting.

The organised beating and cigarette-butt feeding she conducted as punishment for the tulku seemed to stick in my mind quite a lot, among other things of course. I don't think they particularly hurt him though emoticon.