Announcing ABQ Practicing Pragmatic Dharma!

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Announcing ABQ Practicing Pragmatic Dharma!

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Hi Everyone,

On behalf of my friend Matthew, I'm happy to announce ABQ Practicing Pragmatic Dharma (Albuquerque). For more information for anyone in the area, see the details below or visit: We also have monthly video chats for everyone worldwide which can be found in the monthly threads here:

Group Description: We are a group of meditators in Albuquerque of various skill levels who meet regularly to discuss deep practice and the paths to awakening. We study with a variety of teachers and traditions. Our activities are completely peer-led and open to anyone who wishes to share their practice and hear from others.

Meeting Time: We meet from 6-8pm on the second and forth Tuesday of each month
Meeting Location: Flying Star restaurant at 3416 Central SE Albuquerque, NM 87106
Meeting Format: 1) Short intros & share how your practice has been
2) Recent hot topics or points of interest in your practice
3) Other topics: Dharma talks/books of interest, experiences with different techniques or maps, how does formal practice intersect with daily life, etc.
Other Points: Speak from your own direct experience. Don't hog the floor & stay off the soap box. Play nice. Have fun 
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