The Cheetah House Videos...

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The Cheetah House Videos...

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There used to be three video tours de force by Daniel Ingram, linked from integrateddaniel, where he layed out for some folks at Cheetah House, the Progress of Insight, and spent considerable time and depth on the dukkha ñanas.  Now it seems they’ve been made Private!

i hadn’t realized how much I had come to depend on those videos in particular as a quick* focused reference for potential Dark Night Yogis, and as a “here! Watch this!” summary of MCTB and the PoI for the text-phobic.  Woe unto me!  Does anyone know if the videos are available elsewhere?  If Dr. Brighton has made them private out of concern for Cheetah House, or people’s privacy or mental health or something, I’ll certainly respect that, but I figure there’s a good chance this happened by mistake when someone changed permissions on an account or somesuch.


* — “quick”: okay, yeah they were a total of like 2.5 hrs, but still faster than reading the book!  I had several dharma friends from other backgrounds who didnt really understand Daniel’s book, but “got it” when they watched those videos.
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RE: The Cheetah House Videos...

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Hi Eric,

Daniel commented on that on this thread here: . Best,