On a personal note

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On a personal note

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Author: Abe_Dunkelheit
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In case you - Daniel, Hokai, and others - may have the impression I make overly antagonistic, doubtful, and controversial statements at times,

I beg for pardon and patience,

but I have to speak my mind in order to get to know my mind; and to know my mind I have to let it tell me things and I do not know what it will tell me until I write it down and post it (and often even only after I get a response to my initial posting);

having said this,

my appreciation for the Dhamma increases at a rather rapid pace;

all your work & time & effort is highly valued;

many thanks & all the best,

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RE: On a personal note

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Abe, personally I have no issue with your statements whatsoever - at least not so far.:-) A suggestion I made at the "And so?" thread concerned the mode and form of exchange we should employ here at DhO, and that is to stay in the spirit and confines of a conversation. While this may not be the perfect solution for personal, private meaning-searching and freeform pondering and exploration of ideas and perspectives, I believe genuine, respectful, and challenging conversation offers more than enough space for confirmation, questioning, discovery and elucidation of everyone involved, given common ground is established and maintained.

This is not to say we need to conform and agree when we find objection with what is being upheld by the exchange, just for the sake of nicety, but this IS a cold & impersonal medium for often tricky and slippery conversations, and most Buddhist forums have been devastated by self-opinionated posturing behind online identities, followed inescapably by rigid imposing of control moderation mechanisms that resulted in a less than open and balanced atmosphere, felt as "censored Dharma" by some. The space held here at DhO is quite permissive. In order to avoid misunderstandings - and it always begins invisibly, often not intended - it makes sense to cultivate a tender balance between care and consideration in the style and form of our participation, and the authenticity of authoring the input which itself will want to move in all possible directions. Thus we engender a conversation that is not just interesting to ourselves, but also engaging and inviting for others.

Thanks for your note.
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RE: On a personal note

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From what I just saw in the "Some thoughts on Daniel’s Essay about Arahats" thread you started, you seem to have real affection for declamation and grandiose statements about you being utterly "ASTONISHED" with this or that. That is definitely not something that would "beg for pardon and patience", as you say. In my view, you better snap out of it.
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RE: On a personal note

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Personally I cannot see something negative in Abe´s questioning that seems to be an intelectual practice rather than evaluating insights. Maybe it would be better to keep one´s questions mainly about the territory one is currently dealing with (in formal meditation).

What is a bit disappointing for me is that lately the threats treating these intelectual/conceptual problems seem to be overrun with posts while the ones talking about actual practice are almost abandoned. I hope you can share my point of view and are willing to not let these die out.

Keep practicing!