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The Eyes
11/5/08 2:57 AM
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Could someone please explain the Dhamma Eye, and the Wisdom Eye to me in terms of what the experience of them is like rather than as aspects of the developmental map?

RE: The Eyes
11/5/08 7:07 AM as a reply to David Charles Greeson.
Hi haquan,
I am certainly noone to speak out of personal experience but I heard Tina Rasmussen and Stephen Snyder explain the Wisdom Eye in terms of Jhana practice. As far as I understood it is the ability to check the Jhana factors in the bhavanga and it can be achieved from first Jhana on. You might want to check the podcasts out, they are absolutely awesome samadhi-advice ( I cannot remember which one it is but you´ll find it. I think the Wisdom Eye is also one of the psychic powers.
The Dhamma Eye is related to insight I think. It is mentioned in Daniel´s book, too but I don´t know where exactly.
Hope this helped a bit,

RE: The Eyes
11/6/08 1:49 AM as a reply to David Charles Greeson.
Thank you, Martin! I most certainly will check those podcasts out.

What I remember from Daniel's book is that the Dhamma Eye opens at Stream Entry. I think you are correct about the Dhamma Eye in terms of what it does. In Daniel's description, I believe that the Wisdom Eye can open at times as an Anagami, but will open and stay open once one becomes an Arahant - and I also remember that sometimes with Arahants the Wisdom Eye closes again, and those are considered "lesser Arahants." All I remember about the description of it is that it conferred the ability to "see things as they really are." Perhaps this is a different "wisdom eye" they are describing?

RE: The Eyes
9/5/16 2:27 PM as a reply to David Charles Greeson.
If you take it out of the purely Buddhist and Jhanic context, it would be something like "direct intuitive discernment". Wherein, the developed and inherent, "intuitive faculty"  may be used as tool of direct discrimination. Direct knowing. that's my understanding..