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5/16/18 9:33 AM
What is the relationship between synchronicity and meditation? Something happened to me this morning which was simply, wildly improbable. 

RE: Synchro-LOLs
5/16/18 12:24 PM as a reply to Robin Woods.
1) Answers you might get range from "none at all" to "meditation causes synchronicities to occur" to "meditation makes you notice synchronicities that are already there" to "meditation makes you notice synchronicities that are not there really" to "whatever belief serves you best" emoticon

2) Perhaps the main question is: What are your goals? You can get insight / powers / money / sex / power / more lucid dreams and 100 other things from the mere act of looking at the relationship between meditation and synchronicities, irrespectively of what the correct answer to (1) above is. So what's your pick? emoticon