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Anapanasati retreat then Mahasi

Anapanasati retreat then Mahasi
5/17/18 3:35 AM
Hi guys,

Im planing to do retreats from 20.june till arround 4.august. So far I would like to go with this idea: One seven day Anapanasati at Dipabhavan m.c  in Koh Samui Thailand (been there,Suan Mokh company but shorter) from 20-27.june ,then 1.7-11.7 at Suan Mokh (again Anapanasati,been there too),the idea is to get into Shamatha practice to gladen myself a bit and to build the concentration and after that go to MBMC to Penang till end of the trip. I wanted to go to Panditarama Lumbini based on the recomendation from Daniel and couple of you on the forum though it seems that people are pointing out that it is close due to hot season in this period. Daniel also mentioned to me Panditarama in Myanmar.

 I wanted to ask you what do you think about this schedule and possibly recommend me some alternative if you have something better in mind in the in Asia (can fly from Thailand somewhere else too). I practice 2 years,3retreats done already from which one was Mahasi in Europe. Im not sure if I got SE already,there are things looking like cessations though I feel darknightish(not everyday and not the same as before), regardless I would like to progress further and use the time well.

Gratitude and best wishes to all

RE: Anapanasati retreat then Mahasi
5/25/18 8:35 AM as a reply to Long way Home.
Hey LwH

Good plan! And starting out with Samatha is not a bad idea. You’re right that Panditarama Lumbini is either not open or too hot in that season. Panditarama in Bago (the forest centre) should be hot and humid but not crazy hot. Not sure about this but you can check weather and climate for July via

As for MBMC in Penang, although I’ve never been, I hear it’s fairly small, which in hot weather can be a bit of a pain. There’s other options if you want to stay in Malaysia, such as Buddhist Hermitage Lunas close to Penang and featured here on my blog (Link:, and another called SBS which I heard is good but don’t know much about it. Website seems to be here. (Link: According to their website they have an Austrian-born monk who teaches, and may be mainly Pa-Auk method (Samatha-Vipassana). 

Another suggestion is to go to one place and work hard through the period you have - around 6 weeks I think. This is a good length of time to get to interesting places in Mahasi Vipassana. Saves all the hopping around between retreats too...

All the best!

RE: Anapanasati retreat then Mahasi
5/25/18 10:46 AM as a reply to Peter S.
Thank you very much!

The one that you tried looks good from outside, how is the guidance there?Are there interviews every day?Are they mandatory?

Thanks for help!

RE: Anapanasati retreat then Mahasi
5/25/18 9:45 PM as a reply to Long way Home.
Yes there are regular interviews, mandatory, but I don’t recall if they were 3 times a week or more. The teacher who was there when I was there for 21 days last year did not seem very helpful to me, but maybe I mis-read his behaviour and advice. I also believe he has returned to Yangon and a new teacher should be there now. Another friend was there the year before and said the teacher was very good. Anyway, maybe you can try it for a week then go to MBMC or SBS if you need an upgrade. 

RE: Anapanasati retreat then Mahasi
5/26/18 3:27 AM as a reply to Peter S.
Hi Peter,

indeed,thats a good idea,will see how Anapanasati goes and make plans after those retreats. Thank you.