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Hey everyone!!

Hey everyone!!
5/8/09 3:10 PM
Author: KellyBrady
Forum: Dharma Overground Discussion Forum

I'm new to this site, turned on by Buddhist geeks. I'm a zen practitioner, student of we Sensei Lawson Sachter... Lineage roshi phillip kapleau, yasutani roshi...etc... Working at koan practice. Just got dan ingrns book. So, here I am. By the way, I'm not a white guy. A white dyke with a pedicure, an eight year old daughter, a booming career, and some wild cool shit happening on the cushion. How do you make a friend on this thing?

RE: Hey everyone!!
5/8/09 6:15 PM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Author: SoManyThoughts

I friended you emoticon

RE: Hey everyone!!
5/8/09 6:16 PM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Welcome Kelly!

Since this is a community all about open, down-to-earth, & transparent contemplative practice, I figured I'd just ask some questions.

Who have you been doing koan study with? What has koan practice been like? What is some of the "wild cool shit" that has been happening on the cushion? What is your current perceived edge in practice?

Oh, and I love your spunkiness. ;)



RE: Hey everyone!!
5/10/09 7:13 AM as a reply to Wet Paint.
Dear Kelly,

Glad you are here. As Vince said, let us know what is going on, how you did it, what it is like, and what you are shooting for, if you wish.