Counting sensations, telling mental sensations from physical

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Counting sensations, telling mental sensations from physical

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Author: understandingcat
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Hi everyone!

In his book Daniel recommends counting the number of sensations the meditator experinces per second, noting which were mental and which were physical.

1) When I experience a sensation in the body - say heat - it is a physical one, right? The second I make a mental note of it, it also becomes a mental sensation as well, or? Here I seem to have difficulty saying which one is which and since it seems to be of importance to tell one type from another I would appreciate any help on this one. Is not bringing the sensation into the light of consciousness automatically makes it into a mental one?

2) Often I seem to be noticing lots of sensations AT ONCE. They are ll there, sort of passing through me. Trying to count them brings the amount to only 2-3 or even fewer per second. It seems that also the quality of the perception is influenced as I bring the light of consioicness onto them.

I wonder if this is some internal resistance I am experiencing because in a way this wave of sensations can be perceived as more pleasurable and easier to stay with than "breaking things down", not as much "work".

Has anyone had similar difficulties? Thanks in advance!