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Shinzen articles in kindle/ereader format

The free articles over at shinzen.org are a goldmine that are often overlooked, and they're only available in PDF which is a bit inconvenient for modern reading devices. I had tried automatic conversion a few times with really poor results, basically unreadable. Recently I put a bit of time in and did a more semi-automatic conversion on the main 5 featured articles with some regex and html editing which has created a much better result.

There are a few line breaks where there shouldn't be, blurry images, and things like that, but for the most part it's turned out quite well and looks quite good on my kindle reader.

The formats are mobi, epub and azw3.

It should be noted this is purely an unofficial adaptation of these articles and any errors introducing incorrect information are my responsibility and not Shinzen's. Also - Shinzen's been due for a while to release a new manual which will be the new standard for his stuff, so some of this is slightly out of date - but still well worth reading!

Hope someone find this useful! If you notice any remaining critical errors, please let me know and I'll try to fix them.


RE: Shinzen articles in kindle/ereader format
9/18/18 7:53 AM as a reply to Lewis James.
Very cool!

Thanks a bunch

RE: Shinzen articles in kindle/ereader format
9/18/18 8:31 AM as a reply to Lewis James.
I have used this, with good results: https://pdf2docx.com/

RE: Shinzen articles in kindle/ereader format
9/18/18 11:18 AM as a reply to Ward Law.
I've tried a few of those but never got great results with these particular pdfs, what I ended up doing was using an automatic pdf->html converter, importing the html into an epub editor, and using regex find/replace to remove repeated errors like page numbers, headers, footers, etc. Then did some manual editing of the images/figures to make sure they were readable.