Demonstrable religious lie # 1. There is a supernatural realm.

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Demonstrable religious lie # 1. There is a supernatural realm.

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Few believe in apotheosis or theosis regardless of the fact that Jesus taught it.

Regardless, it is a real phenomenon. Jesus and many other sages before and after Jesus were all correct, including Jung and Freud, yet few seek it. I inadvertently did and was rewarded with a list of frauds.

That the supernatural should not be considered as somehow better than our natural state or be guided by it. Fantasy should never rule man.

The laws on earth can never be the same laws as the laws of god. They are incompatible. We die. Ideals which are what gods are, and we cannot have gods die.

As scholars have noted often, we are very loose with making unprovable statements these days, lying is becoming routine, as shown in the poor American citizens immoral leaders, exemplified by it’s present immoral, C S , Trump. Pardon the digression.

This all means that we must always look to man’s law for guidance.

To believe in a supernatural realm is harmful if we take it seriously.

No one will care at all about the rantings of an enlightened man, whose mind touched that of the godhead.  Such is life as many Jesus’ have learned. The bible says to kill witches. They are a part of the supernatural world. That means that religions are telling us to kill all the best of us. All good enlightened men must die. Crazy. No?

During my 6 seconds or so of pure pleasure and pain of apotheosis, I was counselled that belief in the supernatural should not be considered good, because it has not shown itself worthy of belief. Facts should always take precedence over fiction.

The Princess Alice is watching you experiment shows how plastic our minds are. We cannot let foolish belief in the supernatural be applied to our children.

The religious lie #1 has a noble core, but if allowed to reach your child, it might push the bounds of your child’s gullibility level to where we willfully hurt our own children.

Imagine your child in that experiment and a god was substituted for Princess Alice. Do you like the outcome? Thor would not.

My friends; there is your first bit of enlightenment direct from a godhead during a real live apotheosis.

I will likely live to see lie detectors be sensitive enough to be seen as reliable to help ascertain the veracity of renderings such as mine here. I might be able to get a certified and legal, I told you so. I spoke the truth, when writing of a godhead and cosmic consciousness, reached by telepathy. I will have a real live witness as long as my wife lives.

Hang in there kids. Never will we allow Princes Alice tendencies  allow religious fraud men and all god pedlars to access your wonderful, free of really harmful B.S. enter your mind. Maybe.
I think that the statement from religions that indicate that there is a real supernatural realm is a fraud.

Do you?