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A bunch of new Dhammarato videos

A bunch of new Dhammarato videos
10/11/18 8:17 AM
We've uploaded a bunch of new Dhammarato videos:

These are videos of him guiding students in one-on-one dhamma instruction. Dhammarato teaches for free & anyone can contact him at dhammarato yahoo com. He was a student of Ajahn Buddhadasa for seven years in Thailand & has been recently asked to restart teaching by Ajahn Po (likely Buddhadasa's most senior monastic student). Buddhadasa was in turn one of the most influential, modern Thai Buddhist masters.

Please feel free to comment on any of the Youtube videos or reach out to him with life & meditation questions. In particular, Youtube comments about the topics in the videos are helpful so that we can begin to sort them thematically. Enjoy.

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