DhO Management and Moderators

Currently, the DhO is run by the following people:

Owner, Founder and Administrator: Daniel M. Ingram.

Moderators, who generally use a light hand, though getting into an argument with a moderator is a quick way to get yourself banned, as moderators must be allowed to moderate:

  • Chris Marti
  • Shargrol
  • Florian (aka Monkey Mind)
  • Andromeda (intermittently as the mood and inclination arises)
  • Nikolai
  • Jake
  • Dreamwalker
  • Daniel Ingram

If you believe something requires moderation, contact the moderators here at their mailing list: dho-mod [at] lists.hactrn.ch

If you need Technical Support, contact Daniel: dan iel_ing ram [at] interactive buddha .com without the spaces.

This list update last on March 31st, 2018.

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