Energy Practices Portal

by Chuck Kasmire

I wanted to get some stuff up here. Still fleshing things out....

My Journey and assorted thoughts

Context:My take on what is going on here with these practices.

These practices are all about process as opposed to progress. This is a different orientation than a map based system. The process is simple: cultivate the flow of energy throughout the body then deepen it, deepen it, deepen it. The very sense of energy as it flows through the body becomes a source of stillness and insight. None of the practices I list here will get you in trouble – practice them as much as you like. But I do have some recommendations: Work with a real live teacher if you can - especially if you want to get into the more intense practices. These can bring up lots of junk (repressed sub-conscious type junk) and it can really overwhelm you. If you are new to energy work or you feel it is already happening but seems a bit out of control then start with the basics - the Getting Started section - to get things opened up a bit.


Consider why you are following or investigating these practices. What do you want out of this? Results will tend to follow your aspiration. For myself, I wanted to know the truth. I found these practices helpful.

There are buckets of energy practices. My focus here is on a few practices that I learned and used in my own journey. I also include links to sites and teachers that include a focus on energetic approaches.

Getting a feel for energy

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If you are just starting out, don't give up if you don't feel anything right away. This takes practice. It took me several weeks of practice (at least an hour a day) with a good teacher before I could start sensing this stuff. If you don't feel anything while doing these practices don't worry – it takes time. The sensations are subtle at first. Your initial contact with energy – it may seem warm, cold, fuzzy, tingly, etc. varies with different people. How ever it presents itself – just go with that. Sensitivity comes with practice.

Getting Started

Breathing It is very helpful to adopt belly or abdominal breathing with these practices. This is where you breath by pulling your diaphragm downward by pushing out your stomach/abdomen as you breathe in and then raising the diaphragm when breathing out. You are doing it if your rib cage stays in about the same position (not rising and falling) as you breathe in and out. This really helps and is a very comfortable form of breathing.

  • Robert Bruce's New Energy Ways covers lots of basic practices for becoming sensitive to energy. Focus on the secondary and tertiary systems.
  • Reggie Ray has a number of really good guided energy practices on his Dharma Ocean site. You will also find many good talks to help provide some context for what is going on. His Guided Prana Breathing is an excellent practice for everyone.
  • Body Through Art This is a nice practice. There are two parts – practice one after the other or on alternate days as you prefer. They complement each other nicely.
  • Microcosmic Orbit – a gentle approach. This is a very useful technique for opening up the Du and Ren meridians. The function of this practice is to open up each center. Once all the centers are open, connecting them together is pretty simple.
can you expand some more on kundalini kriya yoga practice and what it will give comparatively to vipassana practice?I place myself somewere in equanimity stage before first path and its after twelve years of 10 day retreat and daily one hour practice.might be that concentration needs some improovement before i can proceed further?thank you.