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pointers to master (in your view) meditators in (central) Europe

Hope this find you all well : )

I would love to receive teachings and/or go on a retreat with a meditation master here in Europe/European Union (as I have limited ability to travel outside the continent). Ideally this spring. Ideally in central Europe - Austria, Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, and so..

Does not matter the tradition or fame/popularity, what matters to me is that they will have time for me, and will be able and willing to guide me.

I am simply interested in receiving practical hands on guidance concerning my concentration/attention and awareness/perception training.

I would very much appreciate if your opinion was based on a longer retreat under a given meditation teacher.

(If you will feel strongly about somebody elses opinion, maybe we can create a dedicated thread where it can be discussed, here I would love to start with getting some names on the board that I can further investigate.)

Thank you for sharing.

Does Croatia count? See this: 

Hi Jan,

I'm not sure what you had in mind exactly, but go and check out Kim Katami and Open Heart. I haven't done retreats with him, but I've enjoyed his practical and clear representation, very helpful and concrete, strong emphasis on recognizing subtle stuff. See for example this video titled "Intention, Attention and Awareness (Natural State), UK 6/2018 ( and other videos, if you are interested.

They have retreats (although not very long, about a week) in Ireland and UK this spring and an Open Heart house in Birmingham, where possible one could stay for longer periods. But you would need to research into that a bit. It's a small sangha of under 100 people practising world wide.

Good luck finding what you need!

After some research (that could also help other fellow central Europeans) this names seem to be a good place to start your search for a quality teacher (that teachs regularly in central Europe/Austria/Germany):

Christina Feldman, Chris Titmuss, Stephen and Martina Batchelor, Akincano M. Webber.

It's seems like a good idea to check their respective home centers for other resident teachers, and also check other teachers that teach alongside them or that get invited into these centers.