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Ayya Khema
For posts related to the Ayya Khema dates August 25, 1923 - November 2, 1997 to distinguish her from any others with the same name.
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Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero
(Sinhala: බෝධිසත්ත්‍ව ගුණොපිත බලංගොඩ ආනන්ද මෛත්‍රෙය මහනාහිමි)
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For discussing Culadasa, aka John Yates, and the techniques and concepts in his book The Mind Illuminated.
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Katukurunde Ñāṇananda Thera 0 1 1 RSS (Opens New Window)
Mahasi Sayadaw and his lineage
A place to discuss Mahasi Sayadaw, Ledi Sayadaw, and all the others in the that lineage.
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Pa Auk Sayadaw and lineage
For discussing Pa Auk, Shaila Catherine, and related teachers in that lineage
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S.N. Goenka-ji
For posts related to the lineage of S.N. Goenka of body-scanning fame.
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Shinzen Young
Stuff about Shinzen can go here, this section created by request.
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Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Né: Geoffrey DeGraff, 1949 Meditation teacher: Ajaan Fuang Jotiko (Thailand, who studied under Ajaan Lee) Ordained: 1976 at Ajaan Lee's Wat Asokaram Order: Dhammayutika Nikaya (aka, "Thammayut", founded: 1833) Continued studies: Wat Dhammasathit (Thailand), under Ajaan Fuang Current: co-founder and abbott, Metta Forest Monastery; preceptor (Upajjhaya) [source: wikipedia 12.3.2013]
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Rosa Lewis Waiting for an Answer Erica Pittman 1 5 Date: 1/18/21 10:03 AM
By: Erica Pittman
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Culadasa update Mark Boolootian 80 2838 Date: 1/15/21 10:09 PM
By: Ben V.
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Anapanasati Sutta Teacher B Lejon 39 2147 Date: 10/4/20 10:45 AM
By: B Lejon
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Howdy, and thanks for all the fish! Balint Pinczes 6 1042 Date: 4/24/20 4:00 PM
By: Papa Che Dusko
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Samatha-first teachers? Bill T 3 1027 Date: 4/5/20 2:07 AM
By: Bill T
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Ajahn Sona of Birken forest monastery Waiting for an Answer Chloe Parker 3 1413 Date: 11/26/19 9:33 AM
By: Chloe Parker
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Pragmatic Teacher/Group East Bay CA? Waiting for an Answer Sean 5 1168 Date: 5/14/19 8:47 PM
By: Sean
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The path in the UK Waiting for an Answer Ypsilonzett 2 1210 Date: 4/23/19 7:15 AM
By: Jehanne S Peacock
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Christopher Titmuss "controversy" ? Resolved Jano Pavuk 8 4862 Date: 4/23/19 3:42 AM
By: Daniel M. Ingram
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pointers to master (in your view) meditators in (central) Europe Waiting for an Answer Jano Pavuk 4 1807 Date: 4/22/19 5:06 AM
By: Jano Pavuk
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One-on-one meditation teacher in New York City? David 2 1151 Date: 4/19/19 11:41 AM
By: Chris Marti
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Panditarama/Mahasi centers - protocol upon attainment of path jhana sais quoi 8 4520 Date: 4/1/19 2:22 PM
By: Pk
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Sri Ramana Maharshi Change A. 1 1110 Date: 3/17/19 6:26 PM
By: Change A.
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My first teacher Sayadaw U Pandita Jnr David Kaz 1 1501 Date: 3/8/19 4:13 AM
By: David Kaz
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Eckhart - what happened ? Stickman2 5 1709 Date: 3/6/19 8:10 PM
By: Stickman2
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releasing of sankharas/algorithms (and enlightenment) Waiting for an Answer rano 5 1445 Date: 3/3/19 3:21 AM
By: rano
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The Modern Mystic: Sri M of Madanapalle Change A. 1 1191 Date: 2/28/19 2:12 PM
By: Change A.
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Advice on finding a teacher Beleza 19 5447 Date: 1/6/19 12:35 PM
By: Linda ”Polly Ester” Ö
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Looking for Teacher (Boston) David Pezzulo 2 1731 Date: 9/25/18 1:47 PM
By: JP
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Japan project: Does anyone have a photo of Bill Hamilton? JohnM 6 3354 Date: 8/22/18 2:49 PM
By: Lewis James
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