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Deeper, more subtle equanimity.

Deeper, more subtle equanimity.
3/19/19 9:34 PM
In my practice, it seems that the first few years, a small attempt at equanimity would have huge effects. I would sit and just try to face reality moment to moment and would have all kinds of spiritual experiences.

Eventually, I had experiences where I saw directly that the world was the mind, the "I" did not exist, etc... I have spent years now with all kinds of weird painful energy sensations in the head etc...

It seems now that I sit with what feels like almost perfect equanimity, and yet I have no spiritual type experiences whatsoever no matter how long I sit. No Jhana, no bliss, no loss of center or boundary, no feeling of movement or traveling, no loss of control, no light, no love, etc...

I guess I just keep sitting? Does practice get more difficult as you "progress to higher levels"??? Did I enter the stream before and am now on the path to the higher levels and those paths are more challenging and take longer? Thanks for the input.

RE: Deeper, more subtle equanimity.
3/20/19 9:23 PM as a reply to KundaliniLinguini.
After a certain point in meditation I believe that the abandonment of meditation is necessary. I found this out after cycling through the 9 jhanas a few times. An arhant is freed even from the formless realms of meditation absorbtion. Meaning without any concentration at all the the arhant is in a high state. I would recomend that if you are not gaining anything from sitting. Than you should go use your time bettering your life and others lifes in a more meaningful way.