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Arising and Passing (A&P)
Everything related to Arising and Passing should go here.
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Dealing with the Dark Night
Everything related to dealing with the Dark Night, Dukkha √Ďanas, 3rd Vipassana Jhana, etc. can go here.
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Direct Pointing
For the specific tradition of Direct Pointing.
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All non-dual and immediate focused discussions.
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Discussions that cross traditions boundaries should go here.
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Practices Inspired by Actualism
... but not endorsed by the Actual Freedom Trust. For active discussion about actualism, see http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/actualfreedom/info .
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Samatha-Vipassana: Tranquillity and Insight, Hand-in-Hand
Discussion about developing samatha and vipassana in conjunction.
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Stream Entry
Everything about how to attain stream entry that is specific to that goal can go here regardless of tradition.
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The Maps in General
Anything general about meditation maps of insight here.
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The Middle Paths (2nd and 3rd)
For topics of practice related to the middle paths or intermittent phase of enlightenment, post here.
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All Vajrayana/Tantric wisdom practices should go here.
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Vipassana: Noting/Mahasi Style
For discussion of Mahasi style noting and related vipassana practices
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Vipassana: others, such as Thai Forest, Goenka, etc.
For the discussion of other vipassana traditions
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Zen-specific practices and techniques should go here.
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Showing 14 results.
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Frution experience changing over time? Barry D 6 313 Date: 12/12/17 7:16 PM
By: Ben G
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In Culadasa's TMI map, where does the A&P usually occur? D. 5 237 Date: 12/12/17 7:26 AM
By: D.
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Seth's Nonsense seth tapper 15 372 Date: 12/11/17 6:38 PM
By: seth tapper
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Visual Changes As A Result of Deep Meditation Yadid dee 7 443 Date: 12/5/17 3:38 AM
By: Yadid dee
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5 Steps to Enlightenment Yilun Ong 15 724 Date: 11/28/17 11:03 AM
By: Chris Marti
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Too Much Energy In Head KundaliniLinguini 14 2560 Date: 11/27/17 2:32 PM
By: Generate Operate Destroy
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Just Being (Awareness) Yilun Ong 10 548 Date: 11/26/17 2:00 PM
By: Angra Mainyu
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Any suttas or chanting to get rid of demons/evil spirits? Bailey . 3 319 Date: 11/26/17 1:38 PM
By: Angra Mainyu
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Developing a Good Meditative Skillset Mettafore 3 244 Date: 11/23/17 11:43 PM
By: matthew sexton
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Watching the Watcher Yilun Ong 41 1718 Date: 11/2/17 3:42 PM
By: seth tapper
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Galaxy scale Angra Mainyu 6 715 Date: 10/29/17 3:24 PM
By: Angra Mainyu
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the sense of body is divided into two parts? Waiting for an Answer Wang 6 480 Date: 10/14/17 4:14 PM
By: Angra Mainyu
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Slow Hard Path Noah D 25 2242 Date: 9/28/17 7:43 AM
By: Noah D
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Change of object? Cape 1 214 Date: 9/28/17 7:02 AM
By: Cape
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A Guide to the Pragmatic Four Path Attainment System T DC 27 1567 Date: 9/22/17 11:20 AM
By: Alesh Vyhnal
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Sentience & Insentience Cedar 4 487 Date: 9/3/17 4:41 PM
By: Cedar
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What does everyone practice :) Cedar 6 969 Date: 8/16/17 7:29 PM
By: Cedar
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Why didn't God teach Dhamma? Bailey . 11 1340 Date: 8/15/17 5:51 AM
By: DeNada
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Individuality, Nonduality, Anatta, Nirvana Cedar 5 794 Date: 8/13/17 11:37 AM
By: Cedar
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the balance of surrender and effort Kevin 1 348 Date: 8/11/17 10:48 AM
By: Kevin
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