Vibration with breath work

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Vibration with breath work

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can anyone elaborate on the reason my body has maasive vibration ( especially in arms and hands) when meditating with chant or not. I know it now so I’m not afraid of it but why does this happen??. First time was from ims treatment in spine for a sore lower back 9 yrs ago. No meditation at that time. That was freaky. Second time just recently during group meditation and it  a was huge release emotionally. I was scared. Third time I just let it roll. Stopped breathwork and waited for it to subside. It was pleasant and no tears or jerking in my body this time. 
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RE: Vibration with breath work

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that you are just now noticing vibrations has more, I suspect, to do with your deepening awareness than with a new phenomena. from a wider perspective one could say that 'everything is vibration' or that 'there is phenomena and the knowing of it'.

almost everyone who practices comes to a point where observation of vibration in their bodies becomes apparent and it is often interesting or scary or excellent, depending on our conditioning.

i remember feeling 'chakras' for the forst time in India.  until that point i had believed them to be new age mumbo jumbo. but THEY WERE REAL! least they were experienced ;-)

investigate them closely...and everything else