Sharing morning sadhana

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Sharing morning sadhana

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I would like to introduce myself and share where I am at with my new practice in the hope of receiving some shared experiences, guidance or encouragement.

I have just completed my first 40 day morning Sadhana, rising at 4 am to complete an hour of Kundalini yoga, 22 minutes meditation and 30 minutes of reflection and reading.  It has been a wonderful experience and already I can feel the benefits - mentally, emotionally and physically.  After years of experimenting with meditation and different yoga types to no real avail, Kundalini I feel is my home.

I'm carrying on straight through to 90 days now and have revised my morning sadhana further to incorporate some chanting. 

This is my current practice - 

3.45am - 4.15am - preparation
4.15 am - 5.20am - 60 minutes yoga
5.25am - 5.55am - 30 minutes meditation (sat nam)
6.00am - 6.15am - 11 minutes chanting  ( ra, ma, da, sa)
6.15am - 6.25am - reflection
6.25am - 6.30am - close 

Since shifting to 3.45am (only 15 minutes earlier than normal I feel a little sleepy during the day, but am expecting that to pass.  Currently, I go to bed at 9.30 - 10.00pm.  I do worry about not getting enough sleep ling term, but feel so alive during the morning practice that I am prepared to push through being tired.  For a while, I had a few physical symptoms - headache, eye stye, bad skin. but these have passed.  It's worth saying I gave up alcohol and caffeine at the same time, so they might be the culprits!!

Well, that's it for now I guess.

I wondered if anyone else would be willing to share their sadhana or their experiences with it?  I don't have anyone to talk to in detail about this kind of thing as my friends and family, whilst supportive, have no experience of such like.

Thank you for reading.  Sat Nam

p.s.  - have I posted this in the correct place?

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RE: Sharing morning sadhana

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Can you describe your Kundalini yoga practice?