social identity

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social identity

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Is the social identity the same as ones personal identity? For example I could see myself as a confused seeker of enlightenment conditioned to prefer x,y and z over a,b, and c. This identity is true as long as I am honest with myself and diligent with my observations.

And then I have an idea of how I would like other people to see me. I want them to see me as competent, warm, funny, collected and humble. This identity is conditioned and seems delusional.

Is the AF practitioner encouraged to get rid of both identity's or just the latter?
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RE: social identity

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We derive our social identity from the unit which we are a member of. The sense of belonging to something gives us feelings of security, pleasure and power. Our emotional programing dictating our loyalty and conformity with other members, family groups, value systems, belief structures, society etc.

You can begin to investigate who you think you are and who you feel you are (identity) by asking HAIETMOBA and start the deliberate dismantling of your emotional programming by investigating the emotion, the particular event or memory that was triggered by emotional reaction.

This reaction is a sign that your emotional programming has just been frustrated. Each time this happens there is an endless cycle of desire, gratification, frustration and a need to compensate.

You are an emotional being ("I" am "my" feelings and "my" feelings are "me") and at its most basic the social identity is who "I" feel "I" am which is an affective experience.

How you would like people to see you and how they do is completely different. Other people do not see the actual you they see their idea of you which again is dependent on their affective experience, a layer of fat between them and reality

Spend some time observing things and the people around you but really look as if for the very first time at the face of a friend, a flower, a bird in flight, the behavior of people around you. Start to dismantle the identity continue to ask HAIETMOBA
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RE: social identity

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Hi Jon,

Some interesting stuff on social identity here, in one of my favourite books.