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Mirror Gazing: An Effective Practice?

Mirror Gazing: An Effective Practice?
10/3/19 2:29 PM
Hello everyone, 

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with mirror-gazing as a practice? I've had one teacher explore mirror-gazing, and said that it's a way of getting oneself to sort 'expand' their consiousness to more than just their body. 

The instructions that were giving were to sit in front of a mirror, look into your left eye, and try your best not to blink. All sorts of weird visual hallucinations occur, but they are temporary and fleeting. 

I'm wondering if anyone has tried this, and if they would recommend this as a good way of developing concentration?

RE: Mirror Gazing: An Effective Practice?
10/3/19 10:54 PM as a reply to Rupert Marls.
I have done this with fire kasina. After a few days of intensive practice, I would sit down in front of mirror. I would do a few sequences with the candle then open my eyes.
I would play around with control. Watch my face melt. Give myself ethnic or female features. Superimpose someone else's features on my face. I could also black out my face. 

This was kind of a progression. The first fk retreat I was able to do this with the buddha statue face.

Is it effective? Maybe once you already have strong concentration or strong open eye visual aptitude. Otherwise, it is easy to get distracted especially if there is any unconscious self loathing.
Is it fun? Yes, but make sure you are in a good space. Repression may not hold up under this practice.