Enlightenment and the sub conscious

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Enlightenment and the sub conscious

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I heard enlightenment dissolves our unconcious. There wont be anymore subconscious or unconcious  drives or fears..is this true.  It sounds similar  to scientologists  reaching clear. Or slot of other transpersonal psychologists reaching their goal.
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RE: Enlightenment and the sub conscious

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Take a look at the scandal with Culadasa, aka John Yates. If you think he was enlightened it is clear the unconscious continues unhindered.
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RE: Enlightenment and the sub conscious

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That is just poetic language being misinterpreted emoticon if that were the ultimate goal then we could simply turn to our neighbor the sea cucumber to give us the teaching. Anything is bound to be misinterpreted and Enlightenment has pervaded so many people across the map. Too many definitions have crossed my ears, let me throw you some of my favorites. 

"Enlightenment is the axis of humanity, the heart, mind, and soul that arise from a serious practice and the understanding that comes from it" -Hokai Sobol

"Enlightenment isn't about being superhuman, it's about realizing that being human is super"
-Jaggi Vasudev

"It's a major factor in differentiating those that can actually make a change in the world and spiritual dreamers." -Matthew O'Connell

"Enlightenment is knowing you never have it"

We are born into this life, unfortunately, without a user's manual so our practice is just to inquire within. Each meditation is a transformative moment. It is the death of so many perceptions about your life. A life without ever exploring yoga or meditation is like living indoors and never having stared out of a window. Imagine describing a tree to someone who has never seen the outside... it is like a green hairpiece that stands on a single foot! 

The colorful language is a consequence of so many variables.

As for the psychosomatic case, as long as we are in this human experience, we will have to gauge the spectrum of emotions... isn't that wonderful? emoticon The sea cucumber must be very jealous 
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RE: Enlightenment and the sub conscious

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Enlightenment doesn't erase the subconscious, but it does make it uniquely accessible.  I think of the path to enlightenment as gradually striping away our superfluous ignorance and neurosis, laying bare the deeper, more 'sub' conscious mind beneath. 

David -  Not to say that truly enlightened people cannot behave badly, but Culadasa's rescent scandal may say more about him personally and less about awakening in general. 
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RE: Enlightenment and the sub conscious

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I would say no, but yes in only one way. Seeing that its just a lable. Just me being clever though. emoticon

YES, THIS! "Enlightenment is knowing you never have it"

In my own words, "it's all fine as it is, your heart pains simply because you fail to see it"

But there is no way to put it into words in such a way that the mind wont latch onto it and make it into a thought, that thought isn't the real thing. Such is the nature of words and minds, it is thier dance.
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RE: Enlightenment and the sub conscious

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Unconscious is not really a buddhist word ... 

You could think about it in terms of the five aggregates of clinging - form, consciousness, perception, feeling and formations.  The karmic formations (or sankharas) are the programming that arises from all our past actions - particularly actions that involved grapsing at things, as this seems to burn in behavioural patterns a bit more deeply. 

If you follow the path of insight, you get some control over those behavioural formations, see them more clearly, purify some of them, and then eventally destroy the machine that generates and maintains the unskilful formations.  But there will still be formations left behind, and even a few new onces might be generated. Otherwise you would  be like a computer with no software. However, all the bad stuff is dealt with, and you can choose what formations/software to cultivate, and what to purfiy. You can become self-programming, if you can be bothered.

I think what scientology is doing is going through process of purifying these formations (or 'thetans').  But they don't kill off the formation generating machine.  Instead, once they have got rid of the old formations, they put in place new ones to do with Scientology.  That seems to be a real shame - they have some seriously useful tech, but then misuse it, at least from a buddhist point of view.

So I might have misread the question - but I would say your subconscious is not dissolved.  Rather, some of your unskilful programming is dissolved, and eventually the grasping beast that generates that unskilful programming is seen through and dismissed. There is more to it than that of course, but this is the bit that I think is relevant to your question.

Hope this helps.  Best wishes and much metta!