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Cessation Day

Cessation Day
11/11/19 11:41 PM
Could cessation be described as phase cancellation? Simple explanation of phase cancellation is that two signals like sine waves (pure tones) will not sound when a single sine wave is played when mixed with a copy of itself, but offset in time by half of its duty cycle. There’s no sound because the summed signal is 0 amplitude for each moment.

This metaphor makes sense from a vibratory point of view of experience. If it holds up then there would be some notion of symmetric awareness, that is fundamentally mimetic about the pole. Some traditions like Srividia that I’ve studied talk about a creative and warped midline, from which many things arise (eg the universe) and may reflect awareness as a “pole and correlated unipolar signals”. A more concrete interpretation could be the near-synchronizing of the hemispheres of the brain (that’s right! binaural beats are back, buy my tapes $$$).

It begs the question, if cessation arises from the “momentary projection of awareness onto itself awareness, delayed by an instant”, can it happen in other ways? Is there such a thing of a joint cessation experience?