jhana and equanimity

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jhana and equanimity

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It seems to me that when I start to notice the feeling of well-being that I think is associated with jhana, there are some things that can happen that will stop it (like water putting out fire). One of them is wanting it to get stronger. One of them them is getting excited about the possibility of it happening. If I just watch it with an attitude like "OK, it will do it if appropriate or not if not appropriate, whatever happens is fine, it's like the weather," it happens more often.

I think I'm seeing the same dispassion in other areas of my life, just being less moved about ups and downs than friends are. Things that used to seem good or bad just look to me like doors opening or closing. So my question is, is it possible that jhana is training me to have equanimity? At this point I suppose my brain has seen hours of extremely pleasant evidence that being OK with whatever happens is a good idea.
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RE: jhana and equanimity

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This is a good sign. It seems like your establishing  some of the first psychological benefits of meditation.  Dont be discouraged if it doesnt last. It can come and go(at least for me). If you go through a dry spell. That's when you ha e to keep  pushing.