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Enlightment through meditating on sutras?

Not sure if this has been posted already, but has anyone checked out the recent episode of Michael Taft's Deconstructing Yourself?

This guy Michael Owens is apparently claiming that it's possible to fully realize non-duality through a kind of "sutra meditation", where you study certain sutras intensely and can have "experiences of being transported into that situation". I'm not sure if he outright says that sutra meditation can lead to enlightenment, but he seems to be implying it.

Has anyone heard of or done anything like this before? Most Westerner teachers seem to deny the possibility that sutra study can lead to any real insight, downplaying it as "mere intellectual understanding". Michael Owens seems pretty adamant that that's not the case.


RE: Enlightment through meditating on sutras?
1/18/20 3:38 PM as a reply to Handsome Monkey King.
Most of my path has been through sutta readings. Many times I've been contemplating suttas and something has happened. The most recent was the Assu Sutta which dropped me into a huge awakening or A&P event. I've been studying suttas for about three years. I've even written my own suttas but with a comical flare. They are indeed very powerful. In the Buddhas time, just hearing a mere sutta was enough to shift the consciousness of people but here we have a lot of extra baggage to penetrate, which has mainly come from heavy modern day conditioning. If you have good comprehension coupled with an ability to concentrate then there's no reason why these suttas can't produce the same results.