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Inner lights, getting crazy

Inner lights, getting crazy
1/21/20 1:33 PM
Hey all, 

I've been experiencing inner lights pretty much since second path. At the beginning I thought they are kinda cool but sometimes those lights  are really frightening. I sometimes have trouble sleeping and they are disruptive to meditation. Please don't get this wrong, I don't try to resist them but concentration practice fe. is nearly impossible. This has been going on for two months now and I thought it would calm down a little bit but until now those lights have the same intensity. Even when I walk around and I see a white wall for example, the wall just consists out of flickering lights.

*I even slowed down on practice but the phenomena hasn't decreased in intensity. 

I would really appreciate some advice! 

With Metta 


RE: Inner lights, getting crazy
1/22/20 4:55 PM as a reply to Gregor.
It sounds like you are just seeing the flicker of subtle imperanence. It is there in every sense door. Most people including me first notice it in the tactile field. Visual and auditory are relatively easy as well. If you have obtained paths, it is the stream that pulls you forward. Impermance just shows up and progress is inevitable.

Maybe I am wrong though. Maybe add more color. Decribe in detail the phenomenom you experience when you sit, in daily life and when you try to sleep.

RE: Inner lights, getting crazy
1/23/20 7:34 AM as a reply to Jason Massie.
Hey, thanks for your comment! 
I already guessed it has to do sth. with impermanence, especially at first path, my eyes started flattering intenesly. They still do from time to time. When I've got my eyes closed it's a light show, which can be really annoying. I still cycle through the Nana's but Equanimity is reached pretty fast and it seems like cycling has slowed down in intensity, which makes sitting more enjoyable again. 
The mind is really a freak show, today it seems like the path is stable and I'm fine and all of a sudden my mind forgot about all the truble it had during Review Low's... Let's what to tomorrow has to offer!