Boundless-time (jhana)?

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Boundless-time (jhana)?

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Boundless-time (jhana)?
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RE: Boundless-time (jhana)?

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Sometimes I get the sense that the past isn't real only the present. If I let go of the past it has no influence on me now. But since the present is going to be the future's past, the present isn't real either. So there is no need to be attached to what is happening now because it isn't real (it's impermanent). Time past, present, future, eternity, it's all an illusion - none of these concepts exist without a mind to conceive of them.
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RE: Boundless-time (jhana)?

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Mike Smirnoff:
Is there something called a boundless time Jhana? 
I was just experimenting, sitting with imagining time to be forever (basically, eternal life kind of thing, just that, I was aware I was imagining it) -- and I get into some concentration spaces, or so I think.

You already gave yourself the answer; on a sensate level there was to be noted Thinking/Imagining and then maybe Amazement or Uncertainty or maybe even Questioning/Wonder, and then some sensation in the Body like tension or pressure in the belly or chest or solar plexus or itching at the top of the nose

what you experienced is called Distraction , Lost in Thoughts, Lost in Narrative. Not-Mindfulness, Story Telling. ... 

What is it you Practice? Would you like sharing the details of you practice? Also what do you want from this practice? 
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RE: Boundless-time (jhana)?

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On the subject of "boundless-time jhana" I can not tell anything as I have only gone as low/high as 5th Samatha Jhana and kind of lost interest in them as I could still feel much suffering being there off the cushion in my every day life. I did notice a junky-like desire to attain to that Jhana again as there was no suffering inside of that absorbtion state. I dont think my aspiration was to be a junky but to find a way of out of suffering in my everyday life without being high emoticon

In my experience the 5th Jhana felt like this; my body disapeared and all became a wast dark space, very safe, nothing bad could happen to me in that space, and there was this tiny little sense of Me in the centre of the wast space. It was so tiny, likely smaller than the smallest speck of dust. 

I know back in 2011 when I first joined here there were some advanced Jhana meditators on this forum which could give you more info and how to navigate skillfully in this Jhanic territory. 

It seems to me that no matter what road you take without Ardent Mindfulness investigating and discerning any arising is like being lost in the dream and taking it as reality worth to sustain and enjoy. 

I have no idea where you are on your Path hence hard to tell more. I find that concentartion practice is good in the beginning stage so to get to the minimum required to do some actuall matter of fact Notig Practice/like Mahasi style or Noting Aloud as thought by Kenneth Folk (easy to find on you tube, short matter of fact simple video demonstration).

I would suggest practicing Noting until you attain to Stream Entry and then go more into Samatha if you so feel as there Jhanas could be of more benefit according to some teachers and not being necessery according to others. 

Its of more benefit to be 99-100% precise and continous in your mindfullness than sit for 45-60 mintes in a lost-mindfull-lost-mindfull-lost-lost-lost-mindfull-lost chopped up practice.
Quality over quantity. 

I see you started a few threads and cant help but feel it would be of more benefit to keep it all in one thread so members can easier get a sense of your story which will make it easier to reply to you in a more infored way.