New Interview w/ Paul Cavel (Taoism, Energy Practices, Bruce Frantzis)

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New Interview w/ Paul Cavel (Taoism, Energy Practices, Bruce Frantzis)

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Hi everyone,

Here's a new interview with Taoist teacher Paul Cavel (Taoism teacher and student of Bruce Frantzis).

We discuss quite a few things of interest to this forum, albeit from a Taoist perspective - including some detail about mind-to-mind transmission, learning with spiritual teachers etc...(Paul lived with his teacher for 18 months to heal from a motorcycle accident) as well as the Taoist approach to meditation and working directly with karma (quite interesting).

Would love to know what you think :-)


Show notes

In this interview I talk with Paul Cavel, author and Taoist teacher in the Water Tradition of Lao Tse.

We discuss how a serious motor cycle accident left Paul in chronic pain. Searching for a solution, Paul met the man who would go on to become his teacher in the energy arts, Bruce Frantzis, lineage holder of the Taoist Water Tradition. Living full time in Bruce’s home, in a year they successfully healed Paul’s body and so began a lifetime of study.

We go on to discuss the power of Taoist energy arts in terms of martial arts, healing, and spirituality - as well as the extraordinary effects of studying closely with a true master of that tradition.

We explore the function of lineage, mind-to-mind transmission, the 8 energy bodies, and how to release physical trauma, emotional blockages, and even knots in the karmic body itself.

Topics include:

0:00 - About Paul
0:56 - Early interest in martial arts
03:53 - Paul’s major motorcycle accident and discovering Tai Chi
08:17 - Healing physical trauma and rejuvenating the body
14:15 - Releasing nervous system shock
18:34 - Meeting Taoist Master Bruce Frantzis
27:05 - The art of relating to a master
29:52 - Paul’s practice schedule
33:24 - Working with the 8 energy bodies
37:29 - Releasing karmic knots
47:25 - What is a psychic knot?
50:27 - The importance of lineage in Taoism
1:00:21 - The dangers of mixing different systems
1:11:51 - Embodying the teachings
1:20:33 - Mind-to-mind transmission vs energetic manipulation
1:33:24 - Moral repercussions of energy manipulation
1:42:07 - Where to start with Taoist practice?
1:48:18 - Studying with Paul
1:49:42 - Drawn to lineage