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ATTENTION!: It appears that our server has been hacked through this version of Liferay, meaning it is no longer secure, and so expect instability as we deal with this and attempt to upgrade to Liferay 7, which we failed to be able to do last year the last time the team attempted it, but we have no choice at this point, so bear with us as we try again. Save any long posts in a text file before posting them. You can follow me on Twitter at @danielmingram for updates if the site is down. Apologies for any complexity this causes. We will work as fast as we can. We have backups of the database, so hopefully nothing will be lost. Thanks to all helping with this complex process.




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tarin's practice notes

tarin's practice notes
6/16/11 8:24 AM
the stillness is palpable. there are bird calls, and bird calls ringing slightly off plaster walls; quiet morning hues through the trees and window. the ease of lying supine gives way to a stretch in my shoulder and neck as i turn to rise. i sit, and stand, becoming aware of muscles and sinews tugging together like so many taut rubber bands.

stepping towards the doorway, the room dims and brightens - it's the shifts of objects' shadows and the refraction of light from many surfaces. the cool lacquered wooden floor is alternately soft and hard under my bare soles and the resonant jangle of a metal doorknob reminds me of the walls. i note the temperature drop gently - my skin tightens - as i move into the hall. the air sounds deeper in the larger room. another several steps and and the toilet looms into view. a few bodily motions conclude my business there, a rumbling flush briefly fills the space and i turn to the sink. reach for the gleaming faucet, a twist and it fizzes frothing cold water. i turn the tap off and dry my hands on my face while the drain echoes.

RE: tarin's practice thread
6/16/11 7:39 AM as a reply to tarin greco.
Ha ha --- You basically wrote "I woke up and went to the toilet" as an actually free person emoticon We didn't even get to the part where you got coffee (that's when my morning usually starts), and it's already so much fun...

Do you have any perception-changing goal?

RE: tarin's practice thread
6/16/11 12:43 PM as a reply to Bruno Loff.
Bruno Loff:
We didn't even get to the part where you got coffee (that's when my morning usually starts), and it's already so much fun...

i look at my coffee cup and notice its red sheen and reflection of a cd case and a pen. as i pick up the cup the warmth and a bit of moisture seep through to my hands. taking a sip, my lips tingle and i taste rich layers of soy milk and roasted nutty coffee, with a slight dark choclate flavor. the liquid swirls as i swallow, warming down my throat and radiating outwards so in a few moments my whole body feels pleasantly warm. i hear the delicate, rhythmic click clack of keyboards from across the room. glancing over, a tree in the corner by the office door catches my eye, halogen light illuminating the deep green fronds.

RE: tarin's practice notes
6/18/11 6:45 PM as a reply to tarin greco.
I can no has affect naow? emoticon