Opportunities with a Jhana-like state

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Opportunities with a Jhana-like state

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I'm discovering a state that I think is Jhana related, but doesn't feel anything like the energetic, buzzy piti-like stuff I've been working with. I have one state in particular that I landed in the past week, but that I know I've landed 5 or 6 times in the past (but didn't have the Jhana terminology at the time to recognize it). While concentrating on breath I get a sense that something is about to happen. I feel like I'm "coming up".  The breath suddenly gets very quiet and perceptually "small". Things get very tranquil and my visual field opens up and fills my attention. My body and breath are still there but they feel like they drop down underneath my attention space. It's maybe almost like I'm floating a bit above the sensations of my body. It feels fairly easy to just hang out in this state for awhile until it seems to naturally unwind. I can casually can put my attention on my breath or pay attention to other qualities of the state without it disrupting the state, but I feel like my attention naturally wants to land on the openess and tranquility of the state. 

I'm interested in ideas of what opportunities might be possible in this state. Maybe I just chill out and enjoy it, or maybe there are other things I can pay attention to and play with that would be interesting. 

I guess I could also ask in what why I could classify this state. I almost feel like it could fit the description of 3rd Jhana as described by Braisington as it is content and peaceful, but there is also this "whatever" feeling to it, as I dont' feel anything surging pleasent sensations. It just kind of is, but it is in a nice way. It could even fit 3rd as defined by MCTB as it does seem to open to the periphery.