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Quasi- at-home Retreat?

Quasi- at-home Retreat?
4/18/20 10:56 AM
With my country in lockdown for the foreseeable future, I have a lot more time in the day that I'm not spending on commuting and out of home hobbies...

I'm fortunate that I'm self-employed, and can continue working from home during all of this - but at much lower time investment.

Would it be fruitless to try to juggle a quasi-retreat schedule (6-8 hours/day) alongside some intellectual work?

Has anyone experimented with something like this before?

RE: Quasi- at-home Retreat?
4/18/20 1:19 PM as a reply to John.
Hey John,
Here am I : smiling stone's home retreat log
I don't know if you can find anything helpful for you in that, but... it's doable, and not a waste of time hopefully!
John W just started one as well here

Goodluck if you decide to do it... and otherwise as well.

with metta
smiling stone

RE: Quasi- at-home Retreat?
4/18/20 1:50 PM as a reply to John.
I'll be doing one this coming Friday to Monday to use some PTO.  I will be likely doing a semi-set schedule targeting 7 or more hours of formal practice per day.  Prepping by getting all chores/essential errands done earlier in week.  I benefit from structure so creating a schedule in advance is helpful for me.  

Beyond that I have held many all-day`retreats on the weekend for me & friends at my house.  People were able to come & go between sessions.  I have a set schedule in those cases with 5 minute breaks between sitting & walking that makes it realistic so we can actually keep to it.  Then lunch in the middle & with noble silence.  

The turning point for me with home retreats was Dhammarato saying "you could practice all day every weekend if you really wanted to." I realized it was my own limiting beliefs preventing me from making it happen.  Then I just did it.

RE: Quasi- at-home Retreat?
4/27/20 12:02 PM as a reply to John.
Just a follow up in case anyone reads this and is inspired.
DO IT. So long as you're not placing worldly responsibilities aside.

This has been a massive boost to my practice and I have never felt happier. 

I believe I may have achieved SE as I posted in my other thread (where before I think I was deluded). Even If a month or few down the line I was deluding myself, there is no denying that this is the most 'successful' - if you can really call it that - my meditation has ever been.