DO virtual retreat

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DO virtual retreat

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Anybody up for a virtual retreat? I am planning a home retreat May 22nd through June 1st. I could be flexible on those dates though. We could sync up for a check in every day or other day on Zoom to make sure everyone is good.

I plan to do FK every concious moment plus novice dream yoga as I can with lots of daily practice leading up to it. Hopefully that will crank it up for a short retreat.

Maybe we could record the zoom sessions as a contribution.

Let me know if you are up for it and I will update this post with a list. I would think we should be open to part time retreatants as well as any practice, dose etc as well.

In so far:
John W

Daniel M. Ingram:

How to stage your own fire kasina retreat:

1) Find a small (~3-10) group of very sane, nice, helpful, supportive, good people who you have a high degree of suspicion can handle themselves well in the face of fire-kasina-induced weirdness and the vagaries of deep practice stages that you would like to spend a few weeks going very deep with that you trust deeply who can afford to do it and have the time.

2) Find a venue that suits your budget where the kitchen is far from the meditation room and that is relatively quiet and hopefully peaceful and beautiful. Rural is generally way easier than urban. A large lawn or nearby nature is helpful.

3) Work out the money and logistics and all of that ahead of time. We have done straightforward open accounting where all expenses are disclosed and accounted for and everyone simply pays their fair share without anyone making any profit.

4) Seriously consider listening to most to all of the audio and printed materials at

5) Do the retreat, supporting and sharing with each other on your journey, and consider adding some creative contribution to the ongoing body of knowledge of how to do this well and what is possible.

That's basically it!


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RE: DO virtual retreat

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If part time retreatants are welcome, count me in! I have to work the few weeks I have left of my employment, but I only work halftime with flexible hours. I will have been on online retreat for at least a couple of weeks directly prior to this, so hopefully I will already have some momentum. I do both fire kasina and dream yoga. Great initiative! 
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RE: DO virtual retreat

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I could be down for this. Yeah keeping it somewhat flexible but having a daily session maybe a group meditation of some sort could be really nice.