Subtlety in candle flame?

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Subtlety in candle flame?

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I've been trying a few different samadhi practices, and candle flame (eyes open) is so far what feels closest to access concentration. Based on Rob Burbeas lectures on the importance of increasing subtlety to work towards jhanas, I'm wondering how to do this with this object.

for example, watching the flame tip feels subtler than the flame body, although it feels more effortful because my attention is automatically drawn to the bright center of the flame whereas I have to constantly keep it on the moving tip, I've tried finding subtle moving formations within the flame. Other ideas? Can this kind of meditation support jhana? Most references I find googling are to using flame for kasina rather than keeping it as primary object.

ive also tried shifting my focus to the images formed by the mind from concentration on the flame - purple sparkling ball around the tip, dark purple smaller flame-shaped images within the flame, which are fairly stable. These are nimittas seen with open eyes, the thing that Persists if you close your eyes.

advice welcome