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Does this style of mantra meditation exist?

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In Transcendental meditation, practitioner is instructed to let the mantra have a life of its own, spontaneously changing etc. I wonder if there is a tradition or individual teacher with a different approach: having an intent that mantra becomes as clear, realistic and "loud" as possible. The idea would be that the level of mantra clarity gives the immediate feedback about the level of concentration (similar to how, in kasina practice, the after-image loses the clarity and disappears if the concentration is lost.)

Do you know if anyone is teaching this approach, and what do you think are the pros and cons of this type of practice?

RE: Does this style of mantra meditation exist?
1/13/21 11:01 PM as a reply to Griffin.
There are different techniques for mantra in different schools of islamic mystical tradition (sufism is one part of it). They call it zhikr. I haven't studied it well, but last year someone introduced a book to me that had some of those techniques (And a lot of magickal practices as well), but since it's loaded with religious teachings, it's time consuming to extract the techniques. In that book the author describes stages for the mantra, that in the later stages the mantra (zhikr) fills the entirety of the experience. One interesting thing that they do is that they divide the mantra and the body into several sections, and say each part of the mantra to one part of the body, and also do some movements for each part too. I wish to find time and interest to extract them.

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