[RESPONSES NEEDED]: Focused Slow Body Movement's Effects on the Mind and Bo

Hi! I'm a college student writing a research paper on the effects of focused slow body movement on the mind and body.My hypothesis is that slow movement decreases stress, anxiety, and improves your balance, all for similar reasons as yoga, meditation, and weighted blankets do. I am at the point in creating my paper where I am needing input from other people! That's what this post is for.If you could answer the following I would appreciate it immensely.Interview Questions:
  • What is your credential for making your claim? (practicer, researcher, instructor, expert,...)
  • What is your current belief about slow movement and its effects if any?
    • What caused you to form this belief?
      • Are there any precursors to that?
  • What do you think a person fully committed to practicing slow movement would be doing every day?
    • Is that a life to be envious of? Why/Why not?
      • If not, what is to be taken from that example and what is to be left?
  • What sources or experiences do you have to back up your claim?
  • Do you currently practice any slow movement exercises?
  • Have you heard of anyone using heavy jewelry for the purpose of balance/slowness?
  • What does stopping to smell the roses look like to you?
  • What adjustments should we make to our fast-paced society, if any?
    • As someone in the ________ field, what have you done or could you do to spread awareness to your claim?
      • What have you done?
  • Do you have anything else to add?