Help getting started

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Help getting started

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Hi, i meditate since 3 years ago, and i spent the last year meditating 2-4h a day. 

As soon as i started i had huges A&p events being a psychonaut before my path. (Things unfolded in an absurd way using psychedelics and would like some info about what happened, now i m drug free since 2 years). 

Fast forward 1 year ago i had a huge dark night lasting 1 week, could only see blankness in front of me all the time and lost every capacity of smiling and happiness, this represented again 1 month later laating again 1 week. 
1)was this actually the infamous dark night? 

Then all went away and i got i think equanimity, just calm a peace for a loong time. 
Had some doubt months, maybe little dark night and then out again. 
It looks like i m going back and fort between A&p, dukkha nanas and maybe EQ? 
2)any advice on how to break trough SE? 

Fact is i don t see any cessation happening. 
Sometimes happens something like i feel a "fall" and then hear a "BOP" and my whole body vibrates, that s similar to how a guy explained anatta door cessation, but i don t feel any bliss and no time gap so i doubt they are cessations. 
​​​​​​​Could SE happen without cessation? My moment to moment experience is by no way normal so i don t know what to think 
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RE: Help getting started

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Ciao Alessandro!

There's lots of good tips on how to navigate through EQ to SE in this collection of shargrol's posts:​​​​​​​